Visited Truc Lam Tay Thien

Come to Truc Lam Tay Thien, you will feel peace in your heart between the fresh and rustic natural landscape

The Temple belongs to Truc Lam Yen Tu meditation sect, located on a hill in the middle of Tam Dao Mountain, Den Thong village, Dai Dinh Commune, Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province. Here is one of the three largest monastery of Vietnam today. Every Tet, visitors cross come here to worship and pray for good things for the New Year.


Truc Lam Tay Thien is built on the foundation of Thien An ancient meditation, with architecture that is marked by a Vietnamese Buddhist temple. You have to climb hundreds of stone steps to get to the gate, then enter the temple.


This monastery has Dai Hung Buu Dien building – the main building which is located in the central, high 17 meters, area 675 square meters, has a capacity of 600 people. This is the place for Buddhists and pilgrims come to worship or listen Buddhist scripture.


Thanks to the recovery of diverse and unspoiled natural system, monastery as a separate area with the outside world. From the foot of the mountain, you can see the tower looming behind the trees and an extraordinary mystery.


Zoom eyesight from Buu Dien building, you will encounter the Buddha statue Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. Between the natural scenery, facial expressions and eye contact from the statue as erase all tiredness and worries in your life.

The right of the main hall is Lau Trong (Drum Floor). Drum body made of jackfruit wood block that has 1.3 m diameter and 2 m long. The left is Lau Chuong (Bell Floor). A bell with a weight of 2 tons are molded from a famous traditional villages in Hue.


Drums resounded as carried away expectation of people to Buddha, pray for a new year with prosperity and peace.


Not only sightseeing or offering incense, visitors also have the opportunity to be immersed in the quiet, solemn atmosphere with fresh, cool mountain air and vast green plants.

image018For each person, the pilgrimage to Tay Thien is a journey which is full of joy, peace, freedom. Natural scenery will leave in your heart emotions.

image020In addition, the monastery also has a place that sells all kinds of books about Buddhism and all of the souvenirs were produced in the temple. You can buy some gifts for family or friends.

image022After visiting the monastery, visitors can tour the ruins scenic Tay Thien ancient, taking the cable car up the mountain to visit Tay Thien Pagoda, Quoc Mau Tay Thien Temple, Thi Tieu Mausoleum, Co Temple, Cau temple, Thong temple, Bac waterfall, etc.

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