Poklong Garai Towers – Cham Architectural Art

The Poklong Garai towers are located on Trau Hill, approximately 9km Northwest of Phan Rang – Thap Cham City near Thap Cham Railway Station in NinhThuan Province. The complex consists of three towers – Gate tower (thap Cong), Fire tower (thap Lua) and Main tower (thap Chinh), which are constructed in the late 13th century and early 14th century. The towers are built to worship PoklongGarai King who had a great contribution to build the irrigation system for agricultural activities of Cham people in the region.

Poklong Garai towers are the group of marvelous towers, reaching the peak of the Cham architectural art. The towers were recognized as relic Architecture Arts by Ministry of Culture in 1979.

Poklong Garai towers

Poklong Garai towers

Around the tower complex, travelers can see a lot of cacti. People believe that Cham people grew cacti to protect the Poklong Garai towers.

Cactis protect the Poklong GaraiCactis protect the Poklong Garai

Beside that, when travelers stand on Trau Hill, they can enjoy the spectacular view, and enjoy the feeling at the high area which is very interesting.

The thing that makes the Poklong Garai towers be marvelous is that three towers were built with only bricks without adhesive, such as mortar or cement. Nowadays, this is still a question that no one can answer.

The Gate tower (height: 8.56 meters, length: 5.10 meters and width: 4.85 meters) was the place where the King met his guess in the past. Nowadays, this is the entrance that the visitors can get through the temple.

Gate towerThe Fire tower (height: 9.13 meters, length: 8.18 meters and width: 5 meters) is to the South of the Main tower. According to Cham people, Fire tower was the place where people preserved the food and cooked meals for the King. Nowadays, Cham people store items for rituals.

Fire towerThe Main tower (height: 20.50 meters, length: 13.80 meters and width: 10.71 meters) is the center of the complex. In this place, Cham people worship PoKlongGarai King (reigned from 1151 to 1205). He is honoured by Cham people as the God of Water. When visitors come here, they always desire to visit the Main tower because this is the holy area. Everything which people wish can come true.

Above the entrance way of the Main tower, a Siva Statue who has 6 hands is dancing.

The Siva statueThe Siva statue

Above the Siva statue, Poklong Garai statue is sitting and putting his hands together in front of his chest.

image012On the pillars and on the rock outside of the Main tower, travelers are able to see the ancient handwriting of Cham people.


The tamarind tree is a highlight in this compound. It is a very old tree. According to tradition of Cham people, this tamarind tree is the patron saint for PoklongGarai King in these towers.

The tamarind tree

The tamarind tree

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