Nam Du Island – an ideal destination for a vacation

Nam Du Island (also known as Cu Tron Island) is the largest island in an archipelago. Nam Du Island located in Southeast of Phu Quoc Island, from Rach Gia coast about 65 nautical (80km sea) to the south,

If you go from the Rach Gia port to the Nam Du island by boat, you will take about 2 hours. The island belongs to An Son commune and Nam Du Commune, Kien Hai district, Kien Giang province.

Nam Du Island is very beautiful. sea water in here is very clean and clear. The beaches are unspoiled and natural. This is an island to explore during your vacation. The best time to travel Nam Du Island is from December to March. This time, sea is quite smooth and clear blue. So seasick will also greatly reduce while traveling by boat.

Some places that you should not ignore when you travel to Nam Du Island:

Ngu Beach

Ngu Beach is located west of Cu Tron. Ngu beach has many long sandy beaches, coconut trees and the undulating rocky beach. All of them make Ngu Beach become to be wild and mystery. Especially, in the dry season, sea water is still abundant, meanwhile other beaches lack of fresh water for daily life.

image002Ngu Beach. Picture: embebu.

Chet Beach

According to folk, in the 16th century, on the way to Phu Quoc Island to business between the Netherland boat and Chinese boat have happened a great battle. A few days later, there was hundreds of Chinese corpses in this beach, so people called Chet Beach.

Nam Du Lighthouse

Nam Du lighthouse sits atop Hon Lon, An Son commune. This is considered the highest lighthouse Vietnam because it is located in a hill where is higher than 300 meters above the sea level.

Dau Islet

Similar to the Lon Islet, beaches are wonderful with blue water and coconut trees. Dau Islet is relatively large. Primeval forest accounts for 90% of area.

Near the coast, there are many reefs are growing, not as beautiful as other deep waters, but the clear sea water and very clean. Some coconut trees leaning gentle seaward, you can lay down and take a nap in the afternoon with the cool breeze.

image004Dau islet is a suitable place for overnight. Picture: phuquocsensetravel

Nom islet

As one of 11 islands where have people living. Nom islet has the only Duong Van Sau family living.

Mau Islet

Of the 21 islands of the archipelago, nature seems biased when giving to this small island of beautiful beaches. There are five beaches on the island. there are two white sand beaches: Chuong Beach and Nam Beach; three rock beaches: Bac Beach, Den beach and Trang beach.

Nam Beach is the island’s facade. This beach is quiet all year, so ships are stopped to trade here. However, the beach is also very clean with white sand

image0061Mau Islet. Photographer: Toidi

Ngang Islet

Ngang Islet is center of Nam Du Commune. The place has a harbor where is the quietest waves in Nam Du, attract thousands of ships, boats and the fish floating cages. From Lon Islet to Ngang Islet, it takes 30 minutes by ferry-boat.

image008Lon Islet. Picture: phuquocsensetravel

Hai Bo Dap Islet

Hai Bo Dap Islet is a place where tourists often choose to camp and overnight. This is quite appropriate locations for snorkeling, catching urchin, fishing, swimming.

Son Islet (Son Rai Islet)

Located between Hon Tre and Nam Du archipelago, about 60 km from the mainland. On a blue background of the ocean, Son Islet (Son Rai islet) appears as a giant mountain.

Visited Son Islet, visitors can see all the poetic scenery. the harmonious combination between the sea – island with the humanistic values which associated with the history and culture of the land here.

On clear days, Islet Son like a glittering jewel. However, when you come nearly, you will be attracted by green of coconut trees in the islet.   scenery is very peaceful and romantic.

Ma Thien Lanh Hill

Most visitors prefer to explore Ma Thien Lanh hill, which preserved many legends that every people here are known about the fairies. On the way to Ma Thien Lanh hill, there is an open-cast Buddha statue and many traces which ancient people recorded on stone.

image010Ma Thien Manh Hill. Picture: Phong Vu Nam Du

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