Lesson 3: Fresh food for moulting season and get fire season, what kind of good, what kind of food should be used, how nutrition?

I have spent time searching the internet, books as well as consult the comments of the longtime bird keepers, brothers do dry food, to today synthesize and translate for brothers in our country as well as abroad can refer. Hope can help you.
WITH YOU HAVE KNOWLEDGE THAT MAY BE REFERRED TO OR THROUGH, for brothers not fully understand the nutritional value of each type of fresh foods should read to know how proportion of their nutrients, so that you can know what should give them what, when. This will make our birds healthier, more beautiful, and better able to fight through contests.
For the moulting season, they need a lot of high protein foods, cool foods to help them out beautiful feather, eye-catching because this feather will stick with them until the next feather season, my own extremely concerned with nutrition and nutrition during this period. After moulting, they continue to need higher amounts of calories to help them produce more testosterone, more energy, singing better and play better.
Also, when you use dry food, you should also pay more attention to the components that make the dry food and the ratio of the nutrients inside, you will have the correct view and more comprehensive, more accurate choice of dry food for each period of birds.
Another advice for you is the moulting season as well as get fire season, should be added vitamins and minerals so that birds have good health, resistance to the next season, because in captivity, the The kind of fresh foods that we provide, they are not enough vitamins, minerals as you think. If they lack the substance, will not manifest immediately, but will gradually appear when the bird died prematurely, the bird fell sick, twitched, ruffled feathers, ….. now also late treat, if the opportunity also not high, so take precautions than cure.
All information about the composition ratio, see the attached photos, but not enough detail of ingredients, but I have tried very hard to find out and translate for you. There is nothing shortcoming added brothers.
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